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Siliceous Sands

We offer Silica Sand in a wide range of granulometries, dry and wet silica sand, in bags and customized for different Industries.

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Industries to which we supply Silica Sands

Glass and

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Our sand meets the elementary requirements necessary to generate a high quality final product. Maintaining a very uniform physical and chemical composition, ideal for the manufacture of glass and ceramics. The silica we offer and its granulometry has been carefully analyzed and certified as suitable for industrial use.

Metallurgy and Foundry

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We are an entity specialized in metal mining, our material has the necessary qualities to be used directly in the manufacture of metals and their processes, such as smelting.



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Sand and its numerous applications within the construction industry is key. We guarantee quality material that meets industry standards. Our wide range of products has been tested and approved for use in cement mixing, asphalt, and its multiple applications.



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Quartz sand is useful when working with abrasive processes. Its price and availability is unmatched in comparison to other minerals such as garnet and emery, making it one of the most cost-effective options.

Silica-based chemicals

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The presence of silica sands in the manufacture of chemical products is indispensable. We present a qualified product, ready to assist in chemical compounding processes.



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The granulometry of our products meets the necessary requirements for their use, guaranteeing normal well production and related applications.


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Silica sand is presented as an important element in the electrical field. Its level of market demand and numerous applications give it a significant level of importance; mainly for the manufacture of: high and low voltage insulators, insulating accessories for cables, walls, coils, fuses, electrical plates, among many others.


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Silicon is inexpensive and durable, emerging as a central component in most glass fibers. Its lower cost has prompted it to be used as a replacement for gallium arsenide. It is possible to compose a thin layer of insulation between the two, working in unison, allowing stability to be maintained. This new semi-conductor performs at a similar speed, at one tenth of the cost.


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The uptake of organic silica (OS5) and its importance to the human body attracts attention. Presenting solutions to cell growth, skin nutrition, inflammation, arthritis, and in post-surgical orthopedic treatments; in topical or internal applications.


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Use as a substance added to food to preserve flavor and/or appearance.


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Our sand has a relatively clean composition of clay, dust and organic matter, suitable for use in filter media.

Other Uses

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Silica fiber serves as raw material for:

– Production of blankets
– Protective and safety screens
– Protection against high temperatures or risk of fire
– Installations in hotels and homes
– Surface applications (grounds, golf courses, sports fields, gardens, etc.)

We are the responsible and quality choice

For all your silica sand needs, Geoterra Dominicana has high quality sand to meet the needs of any industry.


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