What is silica sand?

What is silica sand?

Silica sand has to meet several criteria in order to claim the title that your product is silica sand. Silica sand must have a silica content of 95 % silica (SiO2) or higher with an iron oxide (Fe3O2) concentration of less than 0.6 %. If these criteria are not met, the sand is known as “regular” sand. Geoterra Dominicana provides a sand that meets all these criteria allowing its product to be used in a wide range of industrial applications. .

The purity and SiO2 concentration of silica sand are derived from the quartz from which it is extracted. Quartz is the basic component of all silica sand and its color varies according to the region and the detritus found among the extracted rocks. Color is important to some, but not as important as the actual elemental components that make up the sand.

Silica sand is also known as quartz sand, white sand and industrial sand. It is widely used in the glass manufacturing industry, where the purity and impurities included have a great effect on the color finish of the manufactured glass. Silica sand is also a useful element to provide structural stability in constructions and sports fields.

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