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We have recent mining activities in the Dominican Republic. We stand out for operating under sustainability standards

Geoterra Dominicana SRL

Committed to safety, the environment and social responsibility

Geoterra Dominicana, SRL

We are an industrial company with more than 10 years in the industrial sand market. We have sand that is perfect for use in golf courses, sandblasting, glass manufacturing, construction and as a material in filters of all types. We developed the only silica mine that can be found in the Caribbean, and over the years we have managed to maintain a competitive price and a high quality product.

We operate the La Majagua mine, located in Villa Altagracia, where we exploit minerals from which we extract mainly silica sand and derivatives. We have recent mining activities in the Dominican Republic. We stand out for operating under standards of sustainability and responsibility based on Law 64-00 ON ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES, complying with an environmentally responsible mining process.

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Our main asset is our human resources. We currently have a team of 50 workers distributed in different productive and support areas, in addition to contributing to the country with the generation of jobs, we offer our employees the best working conditions, among them: Job stability, fair and competitive remuneration, permanent training and a warm work environment, characterized by the promotion and exercise of values and ethical principles.

Somos la única mina de Arenas
de Silica, Cuarzo y Arcillas Industriales de todo el Caribe

Nos enorgullece decir que nos esforzamos por mantener un estándar de arena obtenida de manera ética y responsable que también tenga un impacto ambiental mínimo. La extracción de arena de sílice puede causar estragos en el medio ambiente alrededor de una mina, por lo que tratamos de asegurarnos de ser plenamente conscientes del impacto que generamos en nuestra comunidad. Como la única mina de sílice en el Caribe, queremos asegurarnos de que la belleza de la isla permanezca incluso si usamos los recursos naturales que nos proporciona. Nada de lo que hacemos es sin pensar en el impacto que tenemos en las personas a las que servimos.


To achieve long-term financial profitability, as well as national and international positioning and recognition through the extraction and production of silica sand and its derivatives, in addition to the implementation of current mining and metallurgical methodologies that allow us to carry out an environmentally responsible mining process and the sustainability of each of the beneficiaries of the institution.


To produce quality Silica Sand, in addition to its different derivatives, with benefits for medical, cosmetic, human and vegetable consumption, according to the requirements of our customers, through highly efficient manufacturing methods, performing innovative mining methodologies, with a team of committed leaders, with experience, professionalism and passion for the activity performed, allowing satisfactory and increasing results, favoring economic and social development, as well as community support and environmental preservation.


We trust our coworkers, regardless of their role or level. We share information and new ideas in an open and honest way to encourage innovation, creativity and continued success.

We act appropriately and authentically, we are responsible for our decisions and actions. We deliver what we promise.

We are one team, we value each other’s work and we work in a coordinated, complementary and committed manner.

We express our opinions with sincerity and respect.

We perform our work with excellence, we do our best to develop our capabilities and we are accountable for what we do.

Continuous Improvement
We accept the challenge of continuous improvement to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in our work.

Mutual Respect
We are tolerant and understanding of others in order to achieve a healthy and productive work environment.

We have nothing to hide from our actions, while repudiating illicit and illegal actions.

Commitment to safety, the environment and social responsibility

We value people’s safety and care about their health. We respect our environment and are accountable to our communities, our region and our country.





We are the responsible and quality choice

For all your silica sand needs, Geoterra Dominicana has high quality sand to meet the needs of any industry.


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What are the benefits of silica clay?

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