Silica sand applications

There are numerous applications for which our sand can be used. The high quality of our sand is well used in golf courses and other sports fields, glass manufacturing, filtration and in the production of industrial and healing clays. These industries are large consumers because of the way they use this product. And for these applications, Geoterra Dominicana’s Si02 sand is an infinitely pure and effective combination.

On golf courses, our silica sand fills bunkers with ease and also creates incredibly white pools in an emerald green landscape. Sand is also used as a structural base on which a golf course is built. Our sand is an excellent filter so that your greens and fairways drain properly and the integrity of the course remains intact after heavy rains or other weather events.

Our silica sand is also an excellent choice for sports fields, especially those using artificial turf. The purity and particle size specifications of Geoterra silica sand allow for uniform drainage and a solid structural base for turf. A level playing field.


Geoterra Dominicana sand is also suitable for water filtration devices and replaceable filters. Here again, the particle size has an effect. The uniformity of the sand we manufacture is perfect for retaining impurities that are filtered out of the water to improve the taste and remove trace elements and minerals that can be dangerous for excessive human consumption. Filter manufacturers that make filters with five or more media stages are the companies that would best utilize our sand in this manner.

For glass manufacturing applications, the sand we offer again is exceptional. When you have the consistency to make your product, you can count on the high quality product that Geoterra provides. In glass manufacturing, the structural integrity of the finished product depends primarily on the structural integrity of the silica sand with which the manufacturer starts. When you start with a product like ours, you can be sure that our purity and consistent, regulated grain size will give your cup an exceptional structure. This is true for both injection molded glass and small batch or handmade pressed and molded glass products. So, standard or specialized, your glass will stand strong and complement your brand.

Industrial clay is another industry where the high quality silica sand we can offer will boost your overall products. Many ceramic manufacturers, as well as creators of handmade ceramics, will use white clays in which silica sand is one of the three main components and gives the finished ceramic an impeccable quality. The milky white of our sand will also help create the pure white color that many consumers value when considering the purchase of ceramic dinnerware and other vessels.

Healing clay is a newer iteration on the market that has become more well-known in recent years. The fine powder that our clay can provide is perfect for this type of application. Manufacturers mix clay with silica and other components and create face washes, face masks and other beauty products. Silica clay is used for its ability to absorb impurities and toxins from the skin, and the atomic structure of the clay means that the absorbed materials will not be released back into the skin. Good for acne, sensitive skin and neutral skin, silica clay-based beauty products provide all kinds of benefits for beauty product lines. Our clay is especially beneficial in this industry because it is of such high quality and purity that it will not affect the other natural ingredients in the products.

Applications for our clay extend across many industries, but all rely on our high standards and product purity to ensure that the resulting products have impeccable standards and are some of the best in their respective industries. We want your products to be better because of the high quality and excellent integrity of our products.

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